Art Director Assistant

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Art Director Assistant

Full time

Entry-level opening for an ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR to work directly with our Art Director in the development and management of online marketing efforts for our 5 brands.

This entry-level position is ideal for a highly-creative individual with: strong graphic design capabilities and superior technical skills.


You’re not a “total pain.”

As good as your ideas may be, you know that they will sometimes be rejected despite your best arguments.  You do not “sulk” and “pout” when the Art Director asks you to make changes to your work.  You understand that he can not work with a “puffed-up ego.”  He needs a grown-up adult who can accept criticism and react quickly and professionally when changes are asked for.  (A friendly smile is a plus.)

You don’t move like a “turtle.”

You can flip into action and move quickly every time the Art Director assigns you a new project.  But you also understand that “good craft” takes time.  The Art Director needs you to be somewhere in the middle.

You have drive, energy and enthusiasm.  You love to work! 

You have no problem with long workdays, as long as you have your weekends and Red Days free to play.

You believe there is no “try.” There is only “do.” 

And you have an amazing hobby outside of the office, so that you and the Art Director don’t bore each other with “marketing talk” 24/7.

If you are  . . .

 – a highly-artistic person looking for a creative outlet to use your talent,

– absolutely confident you have the technical skills needed to quickly learn new computer program and overcome any obstacles they may present

– And if you are perfectly comfortable communicating in English 40 to 45 hours a week

Then let’s meet up and talk straight away.


Job Description

To support and assist our Art Director in the creative work. We don’t care where you went to school or how you got your experience. What we need is your CREATIVE TALENT and TECHNICAL SKILL!


  • Manage our existing Websites and the creation of new sites
  • Manage social media account
  • SEO research and implementation for our websites
  • Video Production
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Handling email Newsletter 
  • Creating Digital Artwork


  • You live for creative challenges!

  • You’re not a “Yes-Man” (or “Yes-Woman”).
  • You love the creative process and want to be part of something bigger than yourself.

  • You have the computer skills needed to resolve technical problems and execute your ideas.
  • Familiar with Wix website builder and WordPress
  • Proficient in operating the Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Your “passion” and “obsession for detail” overwhelm every cell in your body!
  • You love the Internet, emerging technologies and are a culture junkie.

  • You’re compulsive, risky, and willing to think “outside the box”.

  • Own a laptop and has internet access at home.

  • Maximum 25 years old.
  • Has growth mindset & victor mentality.
  • Has strong passion in education and design.
  • Has high level of project management skills and ability to manage multiple priorities
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and possess a hustler mentality: pick up failures of experiments and iterate rapidly to achieve success in project goals despite challenges.
  • Can work independently and able to learn quickly in a new environment or function
  • Fresh graduates with strong portfolio are welcome to apply.
  • Has the following attitude: committed, service-oriented, accountable, having integrity, excellence, respectful, creative, truthful, professional, happy, positive, be a lifelong learner and have a solution-based mindset.

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Perks of the Job

Positive Working Athmosphere

Surround yourself by positive people with the can do attitude, problem solvers, and longlife learners. Only those who seek progress in their life will fit in to our ecosystem.

Positive Working Athmosphere

Surround yourself by positive people with the can do attitude, problem solvers, and longlife learners. Only those who seek progress in their life will fit in to our ecosystem.

Mentoring Program

You will have a daily evaluation with the business owner to ensure that you are guided in your projects and have full support from your team members.

Ongoing Training

You will have kinds of training from first day you join us until the last day you’re leaving us. We focus ourselves in the investment of personal development and self growth for every team members.