Instructors Coordinator

(Based in South Jakarta)

This position is open to everyone no matter where you are.
If you live outside of Jakarta then this is your opportunity
to come and live in the capital city of Indonesia. 

Vacancy will be closed in








About the Role

LSI is Indonesia’s leading school for Bahasa Indonesia, licensed by the Indonesian government to provide an international standard of Indonesian language instruction for expatriate clients from abroad. To serve our special clientele, we must maintain a world-class faculty, and all must be well-educated in the best practices in modern language education.

We attribute our success and market position entirely to our people. LSI’s “product” is its teaching faculty and given this fact, we devote more time and effort to the recruitment and development of world-class Indonesian Instructors than we do any other aspect of the School’s operation.

The Instructors Coordinator as the leader of the teaching faculty plays a crucial role in our team. The Instructors Coordinator has the power to make the workplace better, and as a result, boost morale. His/her quality in leading, training, managing and developing our Instructors determines our success. This is the reason why he/she is so well-respected among all team members. In this position, he/she will be able to lead the faculty members to provide the best quality of education for our students. It is a professional career with long-term growth prospects.

We place our complete trust in our Instructors Coordinator to uphold the high teaching standards we established since the beginning of our establishment and we still do so after 15 years. We extend an open invitation to all exceptional individuals to join us and fill this esteemed role on our team.

A leader standing with his teammates

You are expected to:

  • Be an effective leader
    We believe that effective leadership is becoming an example to the people we lead. You are expected to show a great example of applying our values (to be committed, kind, and trustworthy person) to achieve our mission (to re-educate people to be long-life learners and to be functional) at all times. We are looking for a person who is able to make tough decisions according to gathered information and not based on his/her emotions. You are expected to be thorough, a risk taker and a great communicator.

  • Build and maintain a healthy relationship
    A healthy relationship is paramount in every team or community. We spend many resources to make this happen and we want to have trust and understanding among our people. You are expected to lead the team-building activity, provide them with mentoring sessions, and conduct the morning briefing to ensure that they know their daily target.

  • Be punctual at all times
    For us, time is extremely valuable as it shows our respect for ourselves and the people around us. We are working very hard to make sure that we don’t waste any second of it. This is the main reason why we don’t tolerate lateness. You are expected to attend to all of our agendas at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

  • Conduct training
    We believe that training is crucial in achieving and maintaining the standardized quality of service. We care deeply about our Instructors’ teaching quality and it can only be achieved through various training that we provided. You are expected to be able to conduct ongoing training for all Instructors.

  • Monitor and evaluate Instructors’ performance
    We want to have a high-performance team of Instructors and this is the reason why we always monitor and evaluate their performance periodically based on their Key Performance Indicators (KPI). You are expected to help the Instructors to achieve their targets by providing unlimited guidance and mentoring to ensure that all Instructors are able to provide quality instruction during classes and provide feedback to Instructors on ways they can improve their teachings.

  • Conduct and report Pre-Program Assessment
    Pre-Program Assessment is aimed to assess the proficiency level of the potential students who have had experience in learning Bahasa Indonesia so that we can put them in the accurate proficiency level prior to enrolling at LSl. You are expected to assess the potential students’ language proficiency accurately.

  • Arrange Instructors’ agenda
    Instructors’ agenda needs to be arranged to ensure that all of them use designated working hours. You are expected to arrange the Instructor’s agenda precisely.

  • Reinforce SOP and company’s policy
    We believe that high-quality service can only be achieved when Instructors can work harmoniously by following the system and SOP faithfully. We also apply logical consequences to the wrongdoings of our Instructors to ensure they can learn from their mistakes and perform better. You are expected to train them to follow SOP and reinforce the company policy to create order and harmony.


  • Monitor students’ progress
    We always want to provide the best service to all of our beloved students. We want them to excel in their language training and achieve their proficiency target in no time! You are expected to manage all of our student’s data and deal with their challenges, complaints, or special requests.

  • Perform excellent administrative tasks
    A great Instructor Coordinator comes with the ability of high-quality administration skills. You are expected to create gathered important data, create reports, and make plans accurately.

You are required to:

  • Commit to 3 years contract with the possibility to become a permanent worker afterwards
    We are looking for a committed individual who can finish what has been started! We are looking for a dependable team member who believes in OUR MISSION, not an employee.


  • Live in Jakarta
    You will be working at our office in South Jakarta. Everyone is welcome and if you live outside of Jakarta then this is your opportunity to come and live in the capital city of Indonesia.


  • Be fluent in English
    We are looking for an individual with excellent English skills.


  • Have a Growth Mindset
    We are looking for an individual who believes that his/her talents or potential can be developed through hard work, constant training, and feedback from others. In other words, we are looking for a creative and highly trainable person who is willing to be a lifelong learner and has a positive, solution-based mindset.


  • Have a Victor Mentality
    We are looking for a professional individual who takes responsibility for his/her actions and has a sense of ownership and self-discipline. We want to work together with a person who is fully committed, has high integrity, and never gives up.


  • Own a Laptop With an Adequate Standard for Multitasking
    Your laptop is required to be able to fully operate within 3 minutes after turning it on with minimum specifications: Intel processor i3, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD, HD laptop camera, and a proper headset.


  • Have a minimum of 5 years of teaching and leading experience
    We are looking for a mature character who possesses a breadth of experience in teaching and has previously led a team or a group of people.

Perks of The Job

Complete Mentoring

You will have full support from the first day you join us until the day you’re leaving us. We will help you step by step to understand the responsibility until you can fully functional playing your role. Our mentoring and training will speed up your learning curve and smooth your adaptation to our working culture.


We give you room to exercise your leadership within the range of your authority. You have the power to make decisions (within our values to achieve our goals). We will not burden you with slow, complicated, and long unnecessary bureaucracy. With this autonomy, you will have a chance to improve productivity, people morale, and the working environment. You can plan and execute your ideas to make breakthroughs or innovations.

Positive Working Atmosphere

You will be surrounded by positive people who have a can-do attitude, problem solvers, and long-life learners. This will make you feel at home while producing excellent work. You will be supported by a team who fully dedicated to achieving the common goal.

Vacation Leave

In addition to your annual leave, we appreciate your future good works by giving you vacation leave after your first year of service. The longer you work with us, the longer you will have your vacation leave. 

Housing (optional)

We offer you a full-furnished room within our office complex which has proper facilities at a very affordable monthly rental. Eliminate your travel time and save your energy to travel to and from the office so that you can have more time to enjoy good living.

Fair Payment System

We compensate for your ability fairly based on your performance. We keep it simple, the more you perform by achieving your KPI in your evaluation, the more you will be well-compensated.

Access to Personal Loan

After 1 year of working with us, you will be eligible for a personal loan to support your well-being. We keep everything simple and transparent.

Pension & Health Benefit

In addition to your income, LSI provides BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan to comply with Indonesian law and to ensure the welfare system from the government is being applied in the company.

It is not easy to land a position at Language Studies Indonesia.
Our recruitment process can be demanding and challenging at times.
But our rigorous screening and training process ensures that only the most qualified and deserving candidates are invited to join our team.

We need a people person who can lead the team members to achieve our common goal.

We do not want to waste our time and yours,
so please do not apply if you do not have the commitment to do your job faithfully.