Web Masters: Wix and WordPress

Internship: 6 months
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Wix and WordPress Web Masters

Internship for 6 months

We have openings for those who love building websites and understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Regardless of your technical level, we believe that as long as you understand the principles, you can always learn the technical.

We want the best of your version as we only train the best people. Our recruitment process can be demanding and challenging at times. But our rigorous screening and training process ensures that only the most qualified and deserving candidates are invited to join the LSI team.

If you think that you would be a fit for LSI, then we encourage you to submit your candidature.

Job Description

LSI is opening a new division in 2020 to manage its websites and to open a digital solutions to those who are looking to build websites and online presense for their business.


  • Be punctuals at any time.
  • Manage LSI Websites and it’s clients.
  • Build back links to improve search rankings.
  • Collaborate with other Faculty-Members and contribute to all LSI’s projects.
  • Be part of LSI events for the advancement of the team.
  • Learn new skills from time to time.
  • Apply the LSI core values in everyday’s activities.


  • Familiar with Wix or WordPress site
  • Understand how SEO works
  • Own a laptop and has internet access at home.
  • Maximum 25 years old.
  • Has growth mindset.
  • Has victor mentality.
  • Target-oriented.
  • Understand English.
  • Has the following attitude: Committed, service-oriented, accountable, having integrity, excellence, respectful, creative, truthful, professional, happy, positive, be a lifelong learner and have a solution-based mindset.

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Perks of the Job

Full Time Position

Once in a while we saw a superb character which we would like to have to be in our team permanently. Just be yourself and do your best, you might be it!

Positive Working Athmosphere

Surround yourself by positive people with the can do attitude, problem solvers, and longlife learners. Only those who seek progress in their life will fit in to our ecosystem.


This is a paid Internship and it should cover your transportation and your meals

Freedom, Flexibility & Equality

We do not believe in micro-management. We treat you as an equal and we have treat our team members equally. You can work anywhere as long as you get things done.

Mentoring Program

You will have a daily evaluation with the business owner to ensure that you are guided in your projects and have full support from your team members.

Ongoing Training

You will have kinds of training from first day you join us until the last day you’re leaving us. We focus ourselves in the investment of personal development and self growth for every team members.