Preliminary Tasks

Only qualified candidates will be invited to the interview based on the completion of the following tasks.


This is your opportunity to show your nonverbal ability to communicate through writing about your experiences. We expect you to be as elaborate as possible so that we can have a better understanding of you prior to meeting you in person.

Write your answers to the following questions in Microsoft Word and send the document via email to with the email subject: Preliminary Tasks.

1. In your previous job, how did you achieve the targets? How did you make sure the people you lead achieved their targets? (minimum 750 words)

2. In your previous job, what was the biggest people-related problem you solved (e.g. communications, assumptions, misunderstanding, etc) and how did you solve it? Why does that problem exist? (minimum 750 words)

3. In your previous job, what was your biggest contribution to making your team successful and what was the reason you did it? (minimum 750 words)


This is your chance to make a good impression on us. Dress properly and locate yourself in a non-distraction location so that we can hear your voice clearly. We don’t care about the video animation or any fancy stuff you can do with the video. What we care about is the content you deliver.

1. Create a 3 to 5-minute video monologue in English about why you need this job.

2. Upload your video to YouTube.

3. Send the video link to with the email subject: My Video Monologue.


It is important for us to know you as a person and we would like you to think the same way about us. Get connected to us by following and subscribing to our social media channel below (select the ones that apply to the social media accounts you have):

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